About Pharco

Pharco Pharmaceuticals is the mother company of Pharco group, founded by Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy in 1983. Nine health care companies are operating in the pharmaceutical field for development, manufacturing, marketing, distributing and exporting of a comprehensive array of generics and branded generic drugs under the name of Pharco, along with a rising number of licensed pharmaceutical products.
Pharco is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the MENA region, focused on research, formulation, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Today Pharco employs over 8,000 employees, and has over 630M packs produced in the year 2016 — ranking as the leader in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market. Pharco also exports to 47 countries around the world. Pharco works towards one goal is to provide highly effective and safe pharmaceutical products to patients at an affordable price.
Currently Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy (Vice President of Pharco Corporation) is leading the organization after spending 30 years, gaining massive experience from his father, the founder of Pharco, Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy.

  • Chairman’s Message

    Pharco Pharmaceuticals is one of the dominant players in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. Our group of companies offers an unparalleled range of pharmaceutical generics and branded generics, alongside other nutritional and vitamin products, for the treatment and prevention of diseases hence improving patient's quality of life. Our contribution to the improvement of healthcare has been significant in the last 30 years, but there is more we would like to accomplish in the near future, as we are constantly seeking new ways to improve the availability of highly effective and affordable medicines.
    Our goal is to build an autonomous and pre-eminent pharmaceutical industry, by collaborating with national and international scientists and researchers as strategic partners, to ensure that patient needs are fully met from bench to bedside.

  • Our Mission

    To improve as many patients' lives as possible, through providing highly effective, safe, and affordable drugs.
    Providing patients with the latest up to date, affordable treatments for virus C.
    By 2018: Alexandria Free of Hepatitis C
    By 2020: Egypt Free of Hepatitis C
    By 2030: World free of Hepatitis C
    Photo credit The Guardian

  • Our Vision

    As Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy said "providing safe, effective pharmaceutical products that are affordable and available for every patient all over the globe" – is what Pharco is determined to achieve.


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