• Amriya Pharmaceuticals

    Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries is the third private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical companies, established in 1984 and started production in 1989.
    It produces generics and branded generics, where it originally started by producing a number of licensed pharmaceutical brands mainly from Rhône-Poulenc (now known as Sanofi-Aventis).
    It exports and sells its products to 17 countries. Throughout the years Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries has created several brands which have become market leaders in Egypt; Depovit, azrolid tablet Dexamethazone Amp, Ketolac amp and tablets, amrizole tablets and syrups.
    Amriya Pharmaceutical Industries was acquired by Pharco Corporation in 2002, and is located in Amriya, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • European Egyptian Pharmaceuticals

    European Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industries (EEPI) is a private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical company based in Alexandria, Egypt. It was founded in 1998 and started production in 2002. EEPI was established with the aim to export to the regulated markets. European Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industries (EEPI) is certified by the European Union authorities (part of the PIC/S scheme).
    (EEPI) markets, distributes, and exports our products globally by fostering a strong network of partnerships. (EEPI) products have significantly increased annually in the Egyptian market. Top products; Gratiziano 400mg, Toplixil, ketofan, Ciprofloxancin 500 mg Gastrozale,nevrovit tabs.
    (EEPI) was acquired by Pharco Corporation in 2002.and is located in Amriya, Alexandria,Egypt.

  • Safe Pharma

    Safe Pharma is the first Egyptian company specialized in the formulation and manufacturing Soft Gelatin Capsules. It started production in 1993 under the name of RP Scherer Egypt, which was a partnership between Pharco Corporation and RP Scherer. Safe Pharma is the largest and most advanced integrated manufacturing facility for Soft Gelatine Capsules in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa. Partners RP Scherer Corporation produces over 1.5 billion capsules in 5 round annually.
    Safe Pharma's products are manufactured to customer specification (tailored for each customer). The completely automatic and continuous production method of Safe Pharma - (previously known as RP Scherer Egypt) also known as the Rotary Die process- allows for a wide choice of size and shapes of Soft Gelatine Capsules: Round, Oval, Oblong and Suppository. Other shapes can be produced for special applications. Safe Pharma is located in New Borg El Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Techno Pharma Egypt

    It was the second largest Pharmaceutical Company in Egypt which produces Soft Gelatin Capsules which started operating in 2000. Techno Pharma has two separate dedicated facilities, first specializing in oral hormones, tablets, and sub-gelatin capsules, second for effervescent granules and the formulation of hard sub-gelatin capsules.Techno Pharco was acquired by pharco in 2002. Technopharma Egypt is located in New Borg El Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Pharco Impex 93 SRL

    Pharco Impex is the import, marketing and distribution branch of Pharco Corporation in Romania with 65 work force and 40 cars, Pharmacy Covering 4,000 pharmacies through the country + Chain pharmacies. Pharco Impex distributes and promotes more than 50 pharmaceutical products in the Romanian market since 1993.
    The company is expanding and upgrading its business in the Romanian Market, also penetrating other European Union markets. Throughout the years Pharco Impex has created several market leaders in the Romanian market; Uricol eff, Urinex caps, Bilichol caps, Ginsavit caps, Farcovit caps and Baby Drink.
    Pharco Impex is located in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Abou Kir Trading

    Abou Kir trading is a private Egyptian shareholding company responsible for the distribution of Pharmaceuticals, dietary products and medical devices for Pharco Corporation, with 84 work force and 30 cars - covering 9,000 pharmacies throughout Egypt. The company was acquired by pharco in 2002.


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