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29 Dec 2017

Musical composer Hassan Al Shafei has announced his support for Tour n Cure program to eradicate Hepatitis C by contributing to the treatment of 500 cases through the program.

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22 Sep 2017

Dr. Seif Helmy, head of “Enqez Hayatak” campaign, said that the campaign team was keen to raise awareness at the highest level to implement the national project sponsored by the President Abdelfatah Al Sisi, "Egypt free of Hepatitis C 2020 ".

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23 Jul 2017

Dr. Sherine Helmi announced the start of intensive research with American universities and Egyptian researchers to find an affordable Egyptian medicine to treat cancer during three years, which will be 100% Egyptian.

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23 May 2017

Pharco's Portuguese Coach"Roy Aguache" that his goal is to move forward with the team to the Premier League after he officially became the team coach.

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10 May 2017

More than 800,000 Egyptians have been cured from hepatitis C since January 2016 and 2020 will not see this country with one single Virus C patient

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03 Oct 2016

The President of Egypt announced last week that Egypt today has no waiting list for patients requesting treatment and the focus is now on prevention and case detection

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Non-profit’s $300 hepatitis C cure as effective as

12 Apr 2018

Exclusive: 71 million people stand to benefit from reduced price treatment for virus which can lead to liver cirrhosis, cancer and death

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