By committing to our core values, our dedication to what Pharco believes in and what we can achieve, we will be able to contribute in improving lives and that’s exactly what keeps us going.

  • Family owned business

    We, as a family owned business, share several values that we follow and respect, such as: commitment, persistence, perseverance, loyalty, stability, agility, and pride. Our family reputation is on the line with every handshake, decision we make, and the economic future of our heirs at stake, making running a family business extra hard, yet an excellent opportunity for an increasingly valuable competitive advantage.

  • RP Scherer technology

    R.P. Scherer is a leading developer of drug-delivery technologies used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve the effectiveness and extend the lives of its products.
    Robert Pauli Scherer – the prolific inventor - invented the rotary die encapsulation process, revolutionizing the soft gelatin encapsulation field, in August 1934. More than 900 patents and patent applications, representing technologies protected in almost 70 countries are included in R.P. Scherer's worldwide patent estate.
    For 40 years, only Pharco Pharmaceuticals enjoyed the benefit of partnering with R.P. Scherer in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa. With our experience and cutting-edge technology, we are determined to affect people's lives positively.

  • Experience

    Pharco has been in the pharmaceutical business since and this helped us to develop our technique, made us grow and expand both physically and intellectually, and to observe patients while knowing how to fulfill their needs.
    With our inherited, diverse experience parallel to our quality management system we were able to optimize the uses of our resources.
    With Dr. H. A. Helmy’s wide experiences gained through training and working for 34 years in several publicly owned companies, in addition to hospitals, Scientific office and being a faculty member in the “University of pharmacy Alexandria" – turned into a wealth of knowledge in the pharmaceutical field that empowered the workforce and employees of Pharco.


Expansions and acquisitions were the main reasons that Pharco could develop a large entity throughout the years.
Expansion was not pursued as much as forced due to the high demand for our products. This, luckily, has enabled the company to achieve its mission, strive to increase portfolio of products and continuously develop existing ones, reduce production costs, thus providing medication at affordable prices, and improving our efficiency while optimizing the company's process.
Being a huge enterprise comes with many benefits and we enjoy every one of them. Currently Pharco Corporation consists of six manufacturing facilities in Alexandria Egypt, two trading companies, and one company in Romania, together with scientific offices around the world, while being proud partners in Batterjee Pharma, a manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia.
In 2003 Pharco acquired Amreya Pharmaceuticals, and European Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industry, both being the biggest competitors.
In the same year Pharco also acquired Techno Pharma, the only competitor to RPscherer Egypt.
In 2004 Pharco entered a Joint venture with EPICO and Batterjee Saudi Arabia, to manufacture and distribute generics and under license pharmaceutical product.
By 2016 Pharco employed more than 8,000 employees, and produced more than 630 Million units.

Pharco Team

The foundation of our success is Pharco’s pool of human capital. A team that is well trained, highly appreciated, and ranges from fresh graduates to university deans who work to serve the healthcare community.
The willpower and strong belief in the values and visions of Dr. Helmy is the reason why Pharco employees work with a sense of purpose. He is an inspiration to people who surround him and that’s one of the main reasons resulting in the company’s growth.


To discover and develop effective medications to treat the most challenging diseases with the constant advancement in medical care, Pharco collaborates with most reputable national and international science facilities, R&D companies in addition to Pharco R&D centers.
Three new breakthrough products have blossomed in the Egyptian market due to our efforts which are, Pedyphar (ointment for the treatment of diabetic foot), Mirazid, (soft gelatin capsules for the treatment of Bilharziasis, Fascioliasis and other parasites) and Aloreed (ointment for the treatment of Psoriasis), collaborating for more than 15 years with national scientists, national and international scientific and medical research centers.
The launching of Gratisovir took place in April 2014, as an affordable and efficient oral Hepatitis C virus treatment. Egypt has the highest prevalence rate of virus C patients in the world, thus we are particularly very proud of this achievement leading to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians cured to this date. To have fewer side effects in our generic products, higher bioavailability, higher efficacy, and a faster onset action, we are in constant development. To turn ideas into cures that eventually give hope to patients in need, our researchers continue to work around the clock.


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