Company:Safe Pharma

Department:Quality Control


Job ID:Q.C.L.H

raw material specialist QC


1. Examination and analysis of raw materials used in manufacturing. 2-Preparing laboratory chemicals.

Job requirements:

-Identification of all raw materials (Raman).

-Writing raw material analysis methods.

-Writing all standard working methods for managing raw materials control and updating them.

- Analyzing the raw materials received by the company and recording the results in the records for the analysis and issuing certificates for analysis.

- Analyzing the internal preparations used in the manufacture of medicine and recording the results in the records for the analysis and issuance of certificates Own analysis.

- Preparing the laboratory chemicals required for analysis and reviewing their expiration dates.

- Review the calibration dates for the devices that are calibrated internally in the laboratory and make the necessary calibration for them for the analysis devices that are It is according to standard working methods.

- Preparing the standard solutions and standard samples required for analysis.

-Do diffraction reports. For materials that do not conform to specifications.

  - Analyzing the water used in preparing gelatin daily and issuing certificates of analysis related to it.

- Analyzing the external samples received for trial from new suppliers and issuing their certificates.

. Extracting the dates for re-analysis and recording the materials to be re-analyzed in the special register.

- Perform a re-analysis of the raw materials during their validity period on the dates specified for them and issue their certificates.

-Application of occupational safety and health rules at work.

-Apply the rules for preserving the environment while working.


-Bachelor degree in Faculty of science or pharmacy 

 -Ability to work under pressure.

-Ability to work as individual in a team.

-Good handling of colleagues.

-Obey the orders of superiors.

Years of Experience: 1

Posting Date: 19 September 2021

Application End Date: 30 September 2021

Available Vacancies: 1

Job Level: Specialist

Function: QC - Raw Material Control