Department:Supply Chain



Packaging Materials Specialist


Follow-up the position of suppliers for items of non-printed packaging materials and follow-up the documentary cycle of suppliers' accounts until the stage of issuance and delivery of the check.

Job requirements:

   Follow-up the position of suppliers for non-printed packaging materials from the local or foreign market and for all external items, whether packaging materials (primary and secondary) by adhering to the specified supply dates until the supply reaches the warehouses to complete the laboratory examination stage.

   Preparing and following up the documentary accounting cycle for suppliers related to the issuance of checks, starting from the issuance of the addition permit and the invoice until the issuance and receipt of the check by the supplier to expedite the supply to meet production requirements.

   Solve the problems of rejected supplies from the QC sector and complaints from the production departments or the Quality Assurance Department in a way that does not conflict with the production plan.

   Follow-up on the results of testing samples submitted by new suppliers to ensure that they are able to provide the appropriate supplies for operation in the production departments, and follow-up the post-acceptance stage to test the degree of stability and micro in case they are requested to approve the supplier as an approved supplier.


Bachelor degree of Pharmacy or Engineering 
Professional level in Excel
Very Good level of English 

Years of Experience: 1

Posting Date: 2 November 2022

Application End Date: 30 November 2022

Available Vacancies: 2

Job Level: Specialist

Function: Procurement - Packaging Materials