Department:Quality Assurance



Validation Senior Specialist


Planning & Following-Up the implementation of all Validation & Qualification activities according to written procedures with the required guidance of standards/ regulation.

Job requirements:

·       Prepare, Attend Implementation & Follow-Up results of all Validation & Qualification activities (Process Validation – Cleaning Validation – Holding Time – Performance Qualification- CSV) performed within all technical departments – within 3 shifts & for overtime periods whenever required – which includes preparing the required protocols & reports, starting from the draft copy till getting their final approval to comply with the specified relative plans in VMP.

·       Review relative protocols & reports prepared by subordinates, other departments or external 3rd parties to ensure their compliance with the section’s specified standards.

·       Contact 3rd parties service providers upon needed to perform any Validation & Qualification activities to assure smooth running of the planned activities.

·       Prepare Section’s Standard Operating Procedure & review relative ones to assure their compliance to required standards/regulations.

·       Share in investigations in case of any OOSs occurred during or after implementation of validation or qualification activities to reach the root cause to help judge the validity of the performed activity.

·       Perform required risk assessments to study cause/ impact of an event and make sure the required control measures are adequate to reduce/ eliminate associated risk.

·       Arrange, organize & follow-up Validation & Qualification tasks with Validation & Qualification Specialist and supervise their work to assure the correctness, orderly and timely completion of their tasks.

·       Feedback section’s lead with all assigned tasks to facilitate judging of the plans’ compliance & monitor efficiency and effectiveness of implementation of assigned tasks.

·       Assess & evaluate any change on an established standard, validated, qualified or controlled system affecting technical operation in the company to assure the system remains controlled in a validated state.

·       Follow-up the completion of all change control actions within due dates & its effectiveness to the system, to maintain adequate control.


•            Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, Science, Engineering, or Veterinary Medicine.

•           3 + years of experience in related functions

•           Preferred Pharmaceutical industry or FMCG

Years of Experience: 3

Posting Date: 7 May 2023

Application End Date: 7 June 2023

Available Vacancies: 2

Job Level: Senior Specialist

Function: QA - Validation