Social Responsibility
Pharco renovated “The Hadara University Hospital” formally known as Nariman Hospital, to have a better free service for the people in need as they serve around 5 million people. Nariman Hospital was established in 1886, the hospital was built by the German community who named it Borussia. In the wake of World War II, the hospital was called “The Anglo-Swiss Hospital”, and then was called “The Princess Fawzia Hospital”. When the Farouk I university was established in 1948, the hospital was purchased and again was named in 1950 the name “Nariman Hospital” came after the marriage of King Farouk the first and Queen Nariman. After the 1952 revolution, it was renamed to “The Hadara University Hospital”, having a huge capacity of 400 beds. Currently the hospital has three departments: two for orthopedic surgery and one for the neurological and psychological. In 1987, the hospital was renovated entirely by voluntary contributions from some donors, and increased operating rooms that were furnished with modern machines and wake rooms and intensive care unit.
The reconstruction of a historical 100 years old building, after working at only 10% of its capacity due to structural defects. The most recent proud accomplishment of Pharco was opening a medical convoy in Alexandria university hospital, after the project was put on hold due to lack of funding for 16 years. Pharco was determined to complete the project and after the building process was done, they supplied it with some necessary equipment, and today the convoy serves two million patients yearly from Alexandria and any nearby governorates. El Mery hospital, El Shatby hospital, the hospital of (Alyoom Alwahed), Bkous clinics, Al Hadara hospital, Student’s hospital of Sporting, the health insurance in Borg El Arab clinic, El Amreya hospital and Borg El Arab hospital – are all examples of hospitals Pharco contributed in their preparations.
There is a large amount of scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport and physical activity in the prevention of several chronic diseases. That’s why Pharco has invested a lot in sports and athletes because to us prevention is equally as important as treatment.
Sponsoring “The Artist” Ramy Ashour, who is one of the most technically gifted players ever to play the game of squash and a real fan favorite. He reached the world number one ranking in January 2010. Pharco also sponsored a digital campaign to support Squash to become an Olympic sport.
Ping – Pong
Sponsoring Omar Assar Highest ranking African in history. The 26-year-old has earned a deserved progress following his brilliant performances in the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour Platinum Austrian Open held in Linz.
Pharco sponsored the African Hockey Championship, that was located in South Africa on August 2019, preparing for the 2020 Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020).
Pharco is currently the sponsoring Alexandria Sporting Club basketball team which won this year’s league.
Pharco believes in the great value of education, and that’s why Pharco built schools in Borg Al Arab, Alexandria and restored schools collapsed by the 1992 earthquake. To encourage students to give back to their community, Pharco donated to the Science Park, a state of the art research facility in Alexandria University (Faculty of Pharmacy). Pharco also contributed in feeding primary school students in different places and giving school students 72 million capsules of Firozink – capsules for anemia treatment that was not available in pharmacies but was done especially for school students.
Dr. Hassan A.Helmy Contribution to Zeweil City
Helmy Institute for Medical Sciences at Zewail City for Science and Technology is the first institute of modern scientific research in the Egyptian National Project for Scientific Renaissance. The Institute includes several centers, including:
CAAD: Center for Aging and Associated Diseases
CESC: Center of Excellence for Stem Cell research and regenerative medicine
CG: Center for Genomics
“Built and re-built many culture center in Egypt.”
Pharco contributed in different achievements with Rotary and Red Crescent.