Public Health
AfriCan is an initiative that is based on the alliance of foundations in Africa affiliated with African top influencers to start a movement, to help raise awareness about Hepatitis C disease to prevent new patients from getting infected, and spread the awareness of the cure.
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Halel w Etamen
Pharco is fully committed to the presidential program (Egypt free of Hepatitis C) by delivering all treatment requirements at the lowest possible cost. Pharco focused on the importance of awareness, reaching millions of Egyptians every month through a dedicated social media campaign. Pharco partnered with all major healthcare NGOs, partnered with Tahya Masr to supply medications at cost, and supplied 8 state of the art mobile clinics. The result was Egypt celebrating with the Ministry of Health, the cure of 1.5+ Million patients.
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International Hepatitis Club aims of Eradicating Hepatitis C and controlling Hepatitis B globally through raising awareness about prevention, screening, treatment, and patient counseling.
International Hepatitis Club aims to improve the health and quality of life of people at risk of being infected with Hepatitis B & C by providing accessible preventive health services, assisting people affected by Hepatitis through planning and executing international on-ground campaigns that provide awareness, prevention measures, screenings, treatment options and patient counseling.
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