Hepatitis C
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WHY Hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) that primarily affects the liver. The Hepatitis C virus is blood-borne. The most common modes of transmission are through unsafe injection practices, inadequate sterilization of medical equipment, transfusion of unscreened blood, blood products, tattooing, and hair & nail salons.
Million 71 People infected worldwide.
Million 5 Infected patients in Egypt.
Million 1.5 People were cured from Hepatitis C in Egypt.
The treatment options that used to be available before the emergence of Oral Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) were of high price, poor response rate, and inconvenient dosage form (injection) with severe side effects causing non-compliance and early discontinuation of treatment.

Due to the lack of global access to affordable and effective DAAs, and due to the fact that Egypt has the highest prevalence rate of HCV patients worldwide…
Pharco decided to aggressively address this national security issue. To reach Egypt free of Hepatitis C.
Egypt Free of Hepatitis C by 2020
A simplified video showing
the steps taken to eliminate Hepatitis C in Egypt.
Hepatitis C
In its pursuit to conquer HCV, Pharco started researching for a cure to Hepatitis C (HCV), completed the largest phase IIIb clinical trial on Genotype 4 HCV Egyptian patients which was published and admired in the annual conferences of the most reputable worldwide liver associations (AASLD Nov 2015, CROI Feb 2016 & EASL April 2016), contracted with an Italian research and development laboratory to manufacture an affordable HCV treatment.
The treatment was made on a bioequivalence study that was based on WHO guidelines; that proved bioequivalence with the unaffordable innovator, and collaborated with DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative) to perform clinical trials on all HCV Genotypes in Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, and Ukraine. To safeguard a continuous supply of raw materials of HCV treatments in collaboration with Italian scientists, Pharco established the first GMP compliant Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) factory in Egypt starting with the production of Sofosbuvir with a non-infringing method.
Pharco Pharmaceuticals acquired 61% of Presidio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a San Francisco-based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-molecule antiviral therapeutics. Licensing a compound targeting the NS5A protein of HCV (Ravidasvir).
DNDi Licensed Ravidasvir in Low and Middle income countriess.
DNDi and Pharco finished Clinical trial in Malaysia and Thailand…
Pharco is fully committed to the Presidential Program (Egypt free of Hepatitis C 2020) by delivering all treatment requirements at the most affordable prices.
Pharco focused on the importance of awareness, reaching millions of Egyptians every month through a dedicated social media campaign.
A mass population screening campaign was launched to identify all undetected patients across Egypt with supplied 8 state of the mobile clinics.
Pharco partnered with all major healthcare NGOs, partnered with Tahya Masr to supply medications at cost.

"Halel w Etamen" campaign
The result was Egypt celebrating with Ministry of Health, 1,500,000 cured patients ending all Hepatitis C waiting lists.
Pharco partnered with Prime Pharma to initiate Tour n' Cure, an international program for medical tourism.
The program encourages patients worldwide to visit Egypt for a week to do all the needed medical check-ups, have the treatment course as prescribed by the best doctors, and enjoy the beauty of Egypt, at less than 80% of the global cost.
Lionel Messi, Dani Alves, Ahmed Hossam (Mido), Mohamed Hamaki are currently active program ambassadors.