To discover and develop effective medications to treat the most challenging diseases with the constant advancement in medical care, Pharco collaborates with most reputable national and international science facilities, R&D companies in addition to Pharco R&D centers.
The launching of Gratisovir took place in April 2014, as an affordable and efficient oral Hepatitis C treatment. Egypt has the highest prevalence rate of virus C patients in the world, thus we are particularly very proud of this achievement leading to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians cured to this date. To have fewer side effects in our generic products, higher bioavailability, higher efficacy, and a faster onset action, we are in constant development. To turn ideas into cures that eventually give hope to patients in need, our researchers continue to work around the clock.
Ointment for the treatment of diabetic foot
Soft gelatin capsules for the treatment of Bilharziasis, Fascioliasis and other parasites
Ointment for the treatment of Psoriasis

Collaborating for more than 15 years with national scientists, national and international scientific and medical research centers.