Department:Quality Control



QC - Finish Product Specialist


Perform chemical & physical analysis of products in the finished stage.

Job requirements:

·       Perform physical & chemical analysis of products in the Semi-finished or Finished stages.

·       Perform physical & chemical analysis of the water analysis and working standards.

·       Participate in analyzing the cleaning validation and Process validation studies.

·       Perform all internal, intermediate check and verification for instruments and equipment used in the Finished Product section.

·       Follow and control data integrity.

·       Follow & ensure compliance with the current requirements of GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 17025 & ISO 45001 and other requirements.


Bachelor’s Degree in Science Major (Chemistry), Pharmacy 1 - 3 Years Experience in related functions

Preferred Pharmaceutical industry or FMCG

Years of Experience: 1

Posting Date: 26 May 2022

Application End Date: 26 June 2022

Available Vacancies: 4

Job Level: Specialist

Function: QC - Finished Product Control